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The ultimate staycation: Amsterdam Hotelnacht 2020

One of my favourite things is the smell of hotel coffee.

You know how smells can be associated with memories?  Well, there’s something about the smell of that generic roasted blend wafting through the hallways, signalling breakfast that easily invokes those strong holiday feelings of relaxation and excitement for me.

There is an ease and an escapism that a hotel stay provides: I no longer have to make up my own bed or cook my own breakfast; I get to wake up without an alarm, enjoy a new home away from home for a few days and (usually) forget about work.

But back to reality. It’s January. The December holiday season has sadly come and gone and summer is still some months away- the only light at the end of the long, dark tunnel that is the remains of the wintry months. A hotel stay seems all but unfathomable for the next few months.

We’re picturing a night just like this. Image: Mastersuite/Art’otel/Hotelnacht

Except you’re forgetting one delightful Dutch event: Amsterdam Hotelnacht 2020. Here to ease you back in to the work year and let you escape, if only for one night!

What is Hotelnacht?

Ever walked past one of the cool or fancy hotels peppered around Amsterdam and wondered what it might be like to have a true, easy-going tourist experience in the city you call home? Well, Hotelnacht aims to let you do just that! Amsterdammers are invited to experience their city through the eyes of visitors by enjoying an overnight stay at a participating hotel, at discounted rates. Yes, you read between those lines correctly: I said “KORTING!”

How does it work?

There are two elements to this event: the Hotelnacht stay and the Hotelnacht Ticket.

Hotel Stay

Been eyeing that 5-star hotel that all the tourist flock to? Wondering where all the hot backpackers stay?

Around 35 hotels are participating in Hotelnacht 2020. You can choose from Creative Hotels (55 euros), Premium Hotels (75 euros) and Luxury Hotels (125 euros).

Check out the full list of hotels you can escape to for the night on the Hotelnacht website.

Hotelnacht Ticket

As part of the festivities, hotels also host culinary, cultural and creative events throughout the weekend. A Hotelnacht Ticket for 27 euros will give you entry to all events at the participating hotels, without needing to stay the night.

10/10 delicious karaoke. Image: Hotelnacht/Presstigieux

There are so many that sound appealing though that it’s a very good idea to plan ahead. View the full Programma 2020 for more deets.

Personally, I’m a sucker for a good scent and so I’ll probably be hitting the Make your own room spray with Marie-Stella-Maris because what better way to associate the memory of Hotelnacht than with a great, custom scent?

But, I’ve also been meaning to do some karaoke with friends so the Asian Karaoke Night at Taiko Bar also sounds like a good way to start 2020  too? I’m a classic indecisive Libra so I’ll probably do all of these!

Good to note that for some events it is necessary to make a booking and some hotels might ask for an additional amount for part of their event – for example, a dinner with a special price.

Feeling fruity, fresh, sexy, or scandalous? Create your own room spray at Hotelnacht 2020. Image: Hotelnacht/Supplied

What else do I need to know?

As with most exciting events, it’s always good to be aware of some of the terms and conditions applicable and what to plan for ahead of the event. Don’t worry if you are feeling a bit scant on cash after the December festive season, because the hotel rooms are a bargain.

One thing to note is that rooms may only be booked through a credit card. Another prominent note is that you may only book one room per person/address.

So, are you ready to escape?

Even though I just got back from vacation a few days ago, my last hotel stay seems soo far away that I can’t wait to chase away the January blues with a Hotelnacht escape- and in the city I live in no less!

Are you planning on heading to Hotelnacht 2020? What event are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature Image: Hotelnacht Amsterdam/Supplied

Shaakira Vania
Shaakira Vania
20-something year old traveller, coconut lover (Seriously-anything coconut), and Libran. I recently made the cross-continent move to Amsterdam and spend my weekends exploring the country, meeting new people and telling myself I will finish a book every month (a promise I'm yet to keep). If I had to sum myself up in three words they would be: quirky, curious, and meme-lover.


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