Dutch coronavirus death count exceeds 100 for first time, 8603 now officially infected

The number of coronavirus patients in the Netherlands has soared to 8603. A further 1172 have tested positive in the last day. For the first time, the number of deaths has breached 100. 

The coronavirus pandemic is continuing to sweep across the Netherlands. The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has confirmed 112 people have died since the last report.

Self-isolation recommendations remain in place, with the government expected to continue implementing further restrictions in the name of public safety. Yesterday the government banned public gatherings of more than three people.

However, RIVM has also stated that the number of reported new hospital and Intensive Care admissions seems to be “increasing less rapidly.” This could mean containment measures are having the desired effect. They’ll be able to conclude how accurate this is within the next few days.

Where are the most infections?

North Brabant continues to remain the epicentre of the crisis in the Netherlands, but RIVM says the number of hospital admissions in this province is falling.

However, the provinces South Holland, North Holland, and Gelderland are seeing a quick increase in the number of hospital admissions.

Friesland and Drenthe remain the most un-infected areas in the Netherlands.

Today’s developments

Intensive Care Units are filling up quickly

There are normally 1150 intensive care beds in the Netherlands. With 761 taken up by coronavirus patients (who require the beds for several weeks) and an unreported number in use by other patients, hospitals are reaching full capacity. 

However, Dutch Prime Minister Rutte said they are working hard to continue to build capacity for the incoming hospital admissions.

The EU is working on its policies to tackle COVID-19

European leaders have been meeting virtually to discuss how they plan to finance the coronavirus pandemic that has taken Europe (and other parts of the world) by storm. Of their list of topics discussed is the European Stability Mechanism (EMS), an emergency fund comprising of over €400 billion in a conference call.

Countries such as Italy and Spain, which have been severely affected by the virus, wanted to use the money to prevent financial shocks from occurring. However, the Netherlands and Germany want to take a more cautious approach and explore other alternatives.

Movement to push King’s Day celebrations to a later date

A group of entrepreneurs have started an initiative to push King’s Day celebrations to August 31, in the form of a Facebook group. King’s Day has been cancelled due to the restrictive measures in place to prevent the novel coronavirus.

King’s Day originally took place on August 31, marking the birthday of Queen Wilhelmina, who reigned 1890-1948, making it a viable option.

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