Referee stops FC Den Bosch – Excelsior Dutch football match after racist chants

On Sunday, the game between Den Bosch and Excelsior in the First Division was stopped for thirty minutes after racist slurs were heard in the crowd.

We saw it in Italy and we saw it in Bulgaria, and now it’s here as well. Well, it actually never has been away since this wasn’t the first time in Den Bosch, it happened in 2013 as well. 

What happened at the FC Den Bosch – Excelsior match?

After Moreira indicated that he was being called all kinds of things, referee Gerrets then stopped the game and the entire selection of Excelsior walked off the pitch. The Den Bosch players followed suit shortly after.

According to Gerrets, Mendes Moreira became more and more emotional because of the disgusting chants, after which he decided to stop the match, as he said to Fox Sports. After some discussion with the clubs it was
decided the match could continue.

In case you’re wondering what he was being called, he said he heard racist slurs such as (apologies beforehand): k-negro, k-cottonpicker, k-blackie and yes – Zwarte Piet. And yes, the ‘k’ stands for cancer.

There was also ‘Zwarte Piet’ songs sang in the stadium, earlier in the day a group of supporters of FC Den Bosch also participated in pro-Zwarte Piet protests.

Mendes Moreira scores

Not long after the game resumed, Mendes Moreira scored for Excelsior. He made scored the last minute of the first half in what was a moment of sweet sweet poetic justice.

Shit reaction by FC Den Bosch and Den Bosch coach calls Moreira a ‘weak guy’

Just after the match a shook up Moreira was about to give an interview, but was called a ‘weak guy’ (zielig mannetje) by FC Den Bosch coach Van der Ven. Here’s the interview with Moreira, you can see him shaking, people who’ve just been racially abused might recognise this.

Besides this, the coach added that he was fully behind the statement of the club FC Den Bosch issued after the match. Which was some stuff about a crow song they sang since the 90’s and that they felt sorry for Moreira that he felt this way.

Of course, when everybody and their dog fell over this weak behaviour from FC Den Bosch and their coach they peddled back on it late Sunday night.

An investigation by the KNVB is forthcoming

The Dutch football association has announced an investigation into the events and has called the proceedings ‘clearly disgusting’.

It was a dark day for football in the Netherlands. Here at DutchReview we can’t overstate how much we need to say no to racism in football or anywhere else.

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