Dutch passport ranks sixth-best (in a post-pandemic world)

The Dutch passport has been crowned as sixth-best in the world — hoera! 🎉

We may not be able to travel at the moment (don’t remind us!) but when borders do re-open Dutchies will be able to travel armed with a passport that ranks among kings! Alright, maybe not kings, but they’re right up there.

The ranking came from The Henley Passport Index who compared 199 different passports to 227 travel destinations. Earlier this year, a separate ranking claimed the Dutch passport as fourth-best — but we’re still pretty happy with this result. ✈️ 😉

Dutch passport among the best

Travellers with a Dutch passport can swan into 188 destinations without the need for any visa. This puts them in equal sixth place, alongside fellow European countries France, Ireland, Portugal, and Sweden.

Japan snatched up first place in the ranking, with citizens able to access 193 destinations visa-free. Singapore claimed second place with 192, and Germany and South Korea share third place with visa-free access to 191 countries.

What’s the use in a pandemic?

Dr. Christian H. Kaelin, chairman of Henley & Partners and the inventor of the passport index concept, says the past year has demonstrated that no government is infallible — even the world’s superpowers and wealthiest nations floundered — and many failed their citizens. 

“While nobody expects a return to pre-pandemic mobility levels anytime soon, the outlook now is certainly more hopeful than it was even a few months ago. The latest ranking is a reminder that economic recovery and development are dependent on global mobility, including personal travel freedom, and that passport power should never be taken for granted.”

Of course, the big question is where does your passport rank?

Best passports to hold in 2021

  1. Japan (193 destinations)
  2. Singapore (192)
  3. Germany, South Korea (191)
  4. Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain (190)
  5. Austria, Denmark (189)
  6. France, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden (188)
  7. Belgium, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States (187)
  8. Czech Republic, Greece, Malta, Norway (186)
  9. Australia, Canada (185)
  10. Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia (183)

Worst passports to hold in 2021

  1. Libya (40 destinations)
  2. North Korea (39)
  3. Nepal (38)
  4. Palestinian territories (37)
  5. Somalia (34)
  6. Yemen (33)
  7. Pakistan (32)
  8. Syria (29)
  9. Iraq (28)
  10. Afghanistan (26)

Happy with your ranking? Share it with us in the comments below!

Image: Taryn Elliot/Pexels

Samantha Dixon 🇦🇺
Samantha Dixon 🇦🇺
Sam isn’t great at being Dutch. Originally hailing from Australia, she came to study in the Netherlands without knowing where the country was on a map. She once accidentally ordered the entire ice-cream menu at Smullers. She still can’t jump on the back of a moving bike. But, she remains fascinated by the tiny land of tall people.


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