Students from the Groningen fraternity and sorority Vindicat have been suspended for the rest of the year after throwing a party on a bus against all coronavirus measures.

A video of the party that came out on social media shows that the students did not wear face masks or keep their distance. Between thirty and forty students took part in the party which the bus company called “completely out of hand,” reports RTL Nieuws.


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The bus company

Buses are allowed to be at full capacity, but passengers must remain seated throughout the journey and wear face masks. Boostbussen, the company who these students rented from, advertises “corona-proof tours throughout the Netherlands.” But in the video, an employee can be seen who does nothing about the party, reports AD.

The owner, Nico Kooistra, explained that they do not normally see things like this. “This didn’t go well. Nobody wore a face mask. Normally we are very keen on that.” She added, “We organize more of these types of trips, but they always go according to the measures. For example, we do a health check and we, therefore, have the duty to mask. That didn’t go well last night.”

Vindicat comments

The student association emphasized that the party was not arranged by them, but that they are investigating who was involved. Chairman Wessel Giezen says holding such a party was “bizarre”. The chairman says, “We must first identify who is involved. There are penalties for this.”

Since then, some suspensions have been made but investigations are still ongoing as to who organised the party, as well as which individual was heard telling people to stop filming on one of the videos.


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Feature Image: DutchReview/Video Screenshots


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