Dutch travel agencies cancel trips to Spanish Islands

Hold your horses before you hop on that flight to Mallorca because Dutch travel advice to the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands is expected to change today. The Spanish Islands are expected to be marked “code orange.

Even though the travel advice has not yet been announced, TUI is jumping the gun. The travel company has cancelled all trips from July 16 until August 2 in anticipation of the islands becoming code orange later today, reports the NOS.

Unfortunately, the bad news keeps coming as the Netherlands is expected to be labelled code red. 😬

Some companies still flying

If you were planning on tanning in Tenerife, not all hope is lost. The Dutch travel company Coredon will continue flights to the Spanish Islands. “If you pay close attention to all measures, the chance that you will become infected is just as great as in the Netherlands,” a company spokesperson told the NOS.

However, other operators aren’t so optimistic. Sunweb has also announced that it will cancel trips to the islands if they do indeed go orange. The company is offering customers the chance to book a trip to another destination or cancel their holiday. Sunweb estimates that this will affect a few thousand customers in the Netherlands.

What to do if you have a holiday booked

This news might leave you with a lot of unanswered questions. What if I’m fully vaccinated and still want to go? When do I need to contact my travel agency? What do I do with the “I Love Ibiza” T-shirts I had printed?

Sadly, we can’t answer all of those questions completely. Even if the islands turn orange, you are still able to travel with a Digital Corona Certificate proving you have tested negative or have been fully vaccinated for over 14 days. However, the travel advice is to only go to orange destinations “if necessary.”

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The ANVR (Dutch Association of Travel Companies) advises that if you have a holiday booked, wait to be contacted by your travel company. It also advises what to regularly check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for travel advice.

How do you feel about the expected travel advice? Would you go to a code orange country? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image: lunamarina/Depositphotos

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