How do I get my jab invite? Dutch vaccination process for internationals explained

The Netherlands’ vaccination programme is picking up speed. People in their 30s are already being invited to book an appointment

While you’re waiting your turn, you may have a few questions. When will I be able to get the vaccine? Will I get an invitation or do I need to register myself? The answer is: it depends on how you’re registered. Either way, the process is really simple. 

Registered in the Dutch Personal Records Database as a resident

The Netherlands automatically offers the coronavirus vaccine to individuals who have been in the country for more than four weeks and who are registered with their local municipality as a resident. For most internationals in the Netherlands long term, this will be you.

If this is you, you’ll receive an invitation from the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and Environment). The letter will go to your home address as soon as it is your turn. Alternatively, once your age group is formally called, you can also go ahead and make an appointment yourself without waiting for a letter

Registered as a non-resident

If you’re planning to live in the Netherlands for less than four months, you’ll most likely have registered as a non-resident. If that’s the case, you won’t receive an invitation letter. Instead, if you provided an email address in the Register of Non-residents, the Dutch government will send you an email with information about when and how you can make your appointment.

If you haven’t provided an email address, then you can call the GGD to make an appointment as soon as it’s your turn. Keep your citizen service number (BSN) on hand and simply call the GGD number 0800 7070 between 8 AM and 8 PM. Alternatively, if you have a DigiD, you can make your appointment online.

Not registered in the Netherlands

If you’re not registered with a Dutch municipality at all but are staying in the Netherlands for more than one month, you are also eligible for the vaccine under certain conditions and can book your appointment online. These conditions include:

  • having a citizen service number (BSN) and DigiD,
  • being in the current age group for vaccinations,
  • staying in the country long enough to get the second shot (depending on which vaccine you’re getting).

If you’ve been in the Netherlands for more than one month but don’t have a BSN or DigiD, you can report to your embassy if you were born in 1955 or earlier. The embassy will then give you a phone number you can call to get an appointment.

When is my age group’s turn?

Year of birthWhen Vaccine
1931 or earlierFrom 25 January 2021BioNTech/Pfizer or Moderna
1932 – 1936From 29 January 2021BioNTech/Pfizer or Moderna
1937 – 1941From 5 February 2021BioNTech/Pfizer or Moderna
1942 – 1946From 6 March 2021BioNTech/Pfizer or Moderna
1947 – 1951From 6 April 2021BioNTech/Pfizer or Moderna
1952 – 1955From 15 April 2021BioNTech/Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca
1956 – 1957From 15 February 2021AstraZeneca, BioNTech/Pfizer or Moderna
1958 – 1960From 15 April 2021AstraZeneca, BioNTech/Pfizer or Moderna
1961 – 1971From 27 April 2021BioNTech/Pfizer, Moderna or Janssen
1972 – 1981From early June 2021BioNTech/Pfizer, Moderna or Janssen
1982 – 1991From mid-June 2021BioNTech/Pfizer or Moderna 
1992 – 2003From mid-June 2021BioNTech/Pfizer or  Moderna

Source:, June 9, 2021

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Feature Image: National Cancer Institute/Unsplash

Jana Vondráčková 🇨🇿
Jana Vondráčková 🇨🇿
Originally from the Czech Republic, Jana moved to the Netherlands for her studies. She fell in love with the local biking culture, and you’ll see her drifting through the streets of Rotterdam on her pink bike even in the worst possible weather (think rain, snow, hail, or all three). Besides advocating for Rotterdam as the best Dutch city, she likes to wander around with a camera in her hand.


  1. Hi,

    I’m just over a month in Netherland as visitor and don’t have a BSN or DigiD. So I called my embassy which gave me a number to call. So I called the number, booked the vaccination and got vaccinated as well. All good so far. Now my problem is how I get the official Covid vaccination certificate with QR code. I called RIVM and GGD to request the vaccination certificate but they told me that I need citizen service number (BSN) and DigiD. I was told that as a 3rd country citizen they can’t give me the certificate. What can I do now? I’m vaccinated but without any official certificate confirming this.


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