This Dutch woman just fried chicken on an NS train — and the internet is mad

Biting off more than she can choo-choo? 🚂

Ever wish you’d packed something to help your rumbling stomach mid-train journey, like an apple or an extra sandwich? This Dutch woman takes it one step further and makes the carriage her kitchen.

When TikTokker Isabelle Joëlla gets hungry on the train, she whips out her electric pots and pans and cooks anything from chicken drumsticks to spicy noodles, RTL shares.

But before she hits reheat, she makes sure to hit record. 🤳

Just for hen-tertainment?

Isabelle’s TikToks might be different from other non-transport-based cooking content, but that doesn’t stop her going viral.

Her videos have over 4 million views, but just like the time a student used an air fryer to cook kaasoufflés on an NS train, people have mixed feelings.

@isabellederoij Wat moet ik de volgende x maken? 🍗 #foodtiktok #isabellederoij #kip #trein #joostklein ♬ original sound – Isabelle Joëlla

While Isabelle believes she is doing nothing wrong because there are no rules to stop her, passengers and professionals alike are appalled.

Chicken frying, conductor sighing

It’s not just the “anti-social” smell or the potential fire hazard that makes Isabelle’s choice of train snack not so finger-lickin’ good for those around her. 🍗

For NS spokesperson Oscar van Elferen, it’s about not being a burden to others and knowing that “you should not create unsafe situations or nuisances” — as he tells RTL.

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If Isabelle is already planning her next instalment (turkey on the tram or BBQ on the bus?), she might have to think again.

While there might not be any explicit rules against frying a chicken leg on the train, van Elferen suggests it “crosses the border” because most people understand it’s not the right thing to do.

Some people find Isabelle’s actions funny, but clearly, others think this is the behaviour of a bad egg. 🐣

How would you react if you saw someone frying chicken on the train? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Feature Image:DutchReview / Canva
Lottie Gale 🇬🇧
Lottie Gale 🇬🇧
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  1. This is an extremely disgusting behaviour. She must be named, shamed and fined. Nobody should be allowed to cook in a public transport just to get recognition or add likes to their profile. 🤮🤮

  2. This is so unconsiderate on her part . Not all like chicken cooking smell and there are no windows to open. Some are Hungary too but if all start cooking in train it will smell worse than a public toilet . Very insensitive, very rude behavior.


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