BREAKING: EU agrees vaccinated people can travel without quarantine or testing

Travelling without testing and self-isolation? Yes, please! Earlier this week, the Dutch government already changed the colour code status for a number of European destinations.

EU member states have said yes to reducing restrictions for those who have been vaccinated this summer, reports the NOS. If you have been vaccinated at least two weeks before you travel, you will no longer have to quarantine. If you haven’t yet been fully vaccinated, you will have to complete a PCR test.

Last month, the EU already confirmed it’s working on a vaccination passport, and this is the next step!

The all-clear for code green

If you’re lucky enough to live in a code green country, sucess! When travelling to another code green country, you also won’t have to be tested, regardless of vaccination status. Check out the list of countries approved by the Dutch government here.

Will you be taking advantage of this easing of regulations? Tell us what you think of this in the comments!

Feature Image: furtaev/Depositphotos

Chloe Lovatt 🇬🇧
A British native, Chloe has a love for other languages and cultures, having lived in Spain before moving to the Netherlands. She is keen to explore the Dutch landscape, cultural spots and — the most important — food! After being here for a few months she already has developed a mild addiction to kibbeling.


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