Facemasks to be obligatory on KLM flights from 11 May onwards

KLM will make facemasks obligatory on its flights from 11 May onwards. Passengers who do not wear one will not be allowed to fly. However, there will not be any fines if passengers do not wear a mask.

KLM will be adding some extra flights from 11 May onwards, resuming its routes to Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Rome, Milan, Budapest, Prague, Warsaw and Helsinki. Currently, the airline is operating at 10% of its regular capacity. These new routes will bring it up to 15%.

Scarves can also be used instead of facemasks

Passengers may also wear a scarf instead of a facemask. So long as it covers the nose and mouth and fastens behind the ears, it’s good to go, according to the KLM spokesperson.

Airline will adhere to 1.5m rule when possible

The airline will also be trying to adhere to the 1.5m rule, keeping the seats between passengers empty. This should definitely be possible on these new routes, where the demand is still pretty low, but on several repatriation flights it has not been possible for passengers to keep 1.5m from each other, the KLM spokesperson said.

Facemasks in the Netherlands: conflicting information

Mandatory facemasks are also being considered for public transport in the Netherlands as part of the cabinets plan to reopen the country. However, the RIVM maintains that they are not necessary, so long as everyone sticks to the rules.

Would you be happy to wear a facemask on a flight? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature Image: Jyi1693/ Wikimedia Commons 

Ailish Lalor
Ailish Lalor
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  1. If they require wearing face mask a compulsory then Airlines should provide for the passengers plus hand gloves and disinfectant.


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