Hope you have all your presents wrapped up and your chocolate letters all lined up because it’s time to kickstart the holiday season in the Netherlands with Sinterklaas and Pakjesavond. Wondering what the Dutch weather has in store for Pakjesavond? Weeronline says that we are in for a “mix of sun, fog, mist, and clouds” but will mostly stay dry.
It is going to be around 3 to 8 degrees today so be sure to layer up. Turn those headlights on because the fog can make the visibility a little low. If you were hoping for a sunny day out with the family, Dutch weather is always there to not deliver. At least, it’s going to be dry!
Foggy The Hague. Image: Ailish Lalor/Supplied
You might get a little lucky and see the sun peek through the mist in the north, west and south of Limburg. Hope you have your jumpers and fuzzy socks in full stock because it’s going to be freezing tonight.
Leiden's rapenburg
Leiden’s Rapenburg in the fog early this morning. Image: Abuzer van Leeuwan/Supplied

This weekend

As the weekend approaches, the weather is going to get worse with more rain and cooler temperatures. The rain starts pouring from tonight. It will be cloudy, grey and dreary with strong winds, so really, just stay indoors.

Saturday and Sunday are going to be a little bit better but not enough for us to want to get out of bed and rejoice at the great weather.


Next week

The weather next week is going to be “volatile” according to Weeronline. So it’s going to be terrible for a long time. The weather might only get colder as we enter into the coldest months, so be prepared to go into hibernation if you can’t take it.

What have you got planned for Pakjesavond? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature Image: Freya Sawbridge/Supplied


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