Not over yet: first heatwave of the year brings tropical temperatures to the Netherlands

If you thought the arrival of August meant summer is on its way out, think again. For the first time this year, a heatwave will dominate the lowlands.

The high temps will last pretty much all week, so grab your sunscreen and stock up on popsicles — it’s about to get hot, hot, hot! 🔥

First of the year

“But it’s already been hot af”, we hear you say, “why do people keep saying this is the first heatwave of the year?”

We get that it’s confusing, especially considering the intensely hot conditions we had here in July.

But still, it’s only officially considered a heat wave if it’s 25 degrees or more for over five days in a row, and at least three of those days are over 30 degrees. That’s a first for this year, and we’re in for quite a tropical ride.

A chill start and a hot end

Today, Monday, will start off relatively cool. It’ll be around 24 degrees in most places in the country, a level most Dutchies are able to handle relatively well.

Tomorrow will be significantly hotter, and then it’s all uphill (on the thermometer) from there.

Monday, August 8: 🌤 24℃

Tuesday, August 9: ☀️ 26℃

Wednesday, August 10: ☀️ 29℃

Thursday, August 11: ☀️ 31℃

Friday, August 12: ☀️ 31℃

Saturday, August 13: ☀️ 31℃

Sunday, August 14: ☀️ 32℃

Not all happy news

While a heatwave means beach days, biertjes in the park, and a real chance of getting that last summer tan, not everyone’s happy with the weather news.

For starters, Dutch people are terrible at dealing with hot weather (there’s not an air conditioning unit in sight), so get ready to hear them complain about the weather even more than usual this week.

On a more serious note, the Netherlands is currently in a state of drought level 2, and the coming week is not going to make it any better. Farmers struggle to deal with the crispy-dry weather, and the water shortage is still omnipresent.

Buckle down the hatches, refill your ice tray, and make a plan to deal with the hot weather: it’s getting hot in here!

What are you doing to survive the heat? Tell us in the comments below!

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Juni Moltubak
Juni Moltubak
Juni moved to the Netherlands after realizing how expensive tuition fees in the UK are, and never regretted her choice of studying in The Hague. After three years of Political Science, she is ready for a new adventure — an internship at DutchReview! When you don’t see her typing on her laptop she can be found strolling around Haagse Bos or sitting in her lovely garden scrolling through interior design TikToks.


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