Futuristic travel is becoming a reality as over a million euros has been invested into the Delft Hardt Hyperloop. Instead of heading to the nearest train station for your next trip, it could instead be a hyperloop station. And instead of taking 3 hours from The Hague to Paris, it could take as little as 15 minutes. 

What is the hyperloop?

The hyperloop is a snazzy train that drives through a tube with very little or no air resistance which allows incredible speeds.

The transportation method was first proposed by Tesla and Space X, but is being developed by a group of students from TU Delft after winning a competition.

If successful, the hyperloop could transport people at speeds up to 1000 kilometres per hour and would be the fastest mode of transport to date.

It’s a yes from us! How long until we can ride on the hyperloop?

The hyperloop is expected to be launched in 10 years. The first serious test was passed last year in an experimental 30m tunnel in Delft. But given the short track, the hyperlook could not exceed speeds of 700km/h.

The investments boost progress

With the money from investors, Hardt want to build a three-kilometre test track.


Jelte Altena, from Hardt Hyperloop, tells NOS “We can then carry out many more tests…We think that the top speed can be 1000 kilometres per hour, but research has shown that in Europe, due to all the exits to be taken, the ideal cruise speed would be 700 kilometres per hour. We have to be able to achieve that speed at the test location. Moreover, that would also be a record speed, so it is also nice to have that record in our hands”.

It is still being decided whereabouts in the Netherlands this second test tracked will be built.

The hyperloop company are aiming to create a large network with access to all the major European cities.

There are many scary things about the future but this is certainly not one of them. Whe cannot wait, what about you?! 

Feature image: Delft Hyperloop


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