Hillary: because of the US elections Geert Wilders didn’t win the Dutch elections

The excellent Erik Mouthaan of RTL had an interview with Hillary Clinton, former first lady and the only one able to lose an election against Donny Trump (such poor choices for the US almost a year ago, time flies – well not really).

One of the things that stood out from the half an hour interview was how she also indicated that her loss to Trump and the turn of events since (aka his idiotic regime) made it clear for Dutch voters that a far-right candidate might not entirely be the best way to go.

Here’s the segment, talk about that starting at 0.51:

Anything else? She stated that ‘we knew’ who the Russians backed in the Dutch elections (are there any leads or indications on that matter?) and being the apt politician she is, she never mentions Geert Wilders by his name.

She also mentioned that she might very well move to Amsterdam if things just got too much stateside.

Here’s the whole interview, enjoy/anger yourself!


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  1. This is the problem with mainstream media, a journalist that simply mirrors the idiotic narrative of a delusional and pathological liar.

    The sucking up of the Dutch to anything American is simply embarrassing combined with a journalist who is utterly ill-equipped for anything that remotely can be considered as half serious is just nauseating.


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