The stray dog Sam was first spotted walking alone in Switzerland back in March. However, catching him required the collaboration of Swiss, German and Dutch specialist teams. By the time he was caught he had made it all the way to the Netherlands. 

Sam’s journey took him from Switzerland to Germany and finally, to a back garden in Callanstoog in Noord-Holland. His owner hasn’t been located, but something tells us Sam is a resolutely independent, very good boy.

A dog on a mission

Sam first entered the Netherlands on July 30 and quickly made his presence known. The proud pup proved to Dutch authorities just how brave he is, having attracted attention after he strayed near and onto national highways throughout the Netherlands.

The Honden Zoekgroep Gelderse Vallei (HZGV) wrote on Facebook that they were expecting Sam. After coordinating with German teams, it became clear that he would be walking into the Netherlands no matter what. “Sam outsmarted everyone and only had one goal and that was walking straight ahead,” they wrote.

Sam became a master at alluding authorities. He never stayed in one place for longer than a day and even managed to escape a pasture in which the HZGV had set up a cage and food.

However, the Netherlands doesn’t stretch on forever and the 2000km straight line that Sam had been walking came to a halt when he reached the north of the Netherlands. The solution to this dilemma was simple for Sam — it was time to take a nap.

A man in Callonstoog found Sam sleeping in his back garden and the HZGV came prepared to catch the master this time.


Where’s your owner?

Sam was taken to an animal shelter and checked for chips or markings but unfortunately has neither. Luckily, Sam has proven that he can make it on his own if needs be.

What do you think of this brave hondje? Tell us in the comments below!

Feature Image: HZGV/ Facebook



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