Total shutdown: This Dutch train station is cancelling ALL trains for two weeks

All aboard... the bus 🥲

Thinking of travelling to, through, or from Tilburg in the coming weeks? Think again.

As ProRail begins a “monster job” at Tilburg station, ALL train services have been cancelled until Monday, May 13.

Sounds annoying? Well, it is. But as ProRail tells Omroep Brabant, it’s necessary to bring us closer to “the end of 10 years of renovation of Tilburg station.”

What can we expect?

As the construction workers work hard on renovating platforms and renewing rail rods and overhead lines, the NS is deploying a total of 150 buses to transport passengers.

Travellers can expect their commute to take longer and include more stopovers. 👇

The NS will deploy:

  • Express buses between Breda – Tilburg – ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch)
  • Bus stops between Oisterwijk – Tilburg – Tilburg University
  • Stop buses between Boxtel and Oisterwijk
  • Stop buses between Tilburg – Tilburg University – Tilburg Reeshof – Gilze-Rijen – Breda

Passengers travelling between Breda and Eindhoven should take the express bus to Den Bosch and switch to the train there.

As always, the NS advises travellers to plan their trip using the NS travel planner.

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Lyna Meyrer 🇱🇺
Lyna Meyrer 🇱🇺
Say 'hoi' to Lyna, our Senior Writer at DutchReview! Fueled by a love for writing, social media, and all things Dutch, she joined the DR family in 2022. Since making the Netherlands her home in 2018, she has collected a BA in English Literature & Society (Hons.) and an RMA in Arts, Literature and Media (Hons.). Even though she grew up just a few hours away from the Netherlands, Lyna remains captivated by the guttural language, quirky culture, and questionable foods that make the Netherlands so wonderfully Dutch.


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