PCR tests and quarantine: Dutch health experts advise strict measures for travellers to the Netherlands

While many of us have been busy booking flights for the holidays, the National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM) has been busy recommending new travel restrictions.

And what are they? The RIVM advises the Dutch government to enact new travel restrictions for the Netherlands — but don’t go cancelling your Christmas travels just yet!

Mandatory PCR tests for all travellers to the Netherlands

What would these look like? Amongst others, the RIVM urges mandatory coronavirus tests for all travellers — including people who are members of the double jab club (aka fully vaccinated). For unvaccinated travellers from outside the EU, they also recommend a quarantine obligation.

And that’s not all that’s on the table, according to De Jonge’s tweets the Dutch cabinet is also looking to discuss the following:

“We also want to make agreements in a European context about:
✈️pre-departure testing for non-EU travellers
✈️ quarantine obligation for everyone on arrival from a very high-risk area and for unvaccinated on arrival from non-EU areas”

No strict travel measures yet

Thankfully for nervous internationals, the government is looking to other European countries before enacting new regulations, reports the RTL Nieuws.

The Dutch Minister of Health, Hugo de Jonge, wants to consult with other EU countries to avoid a “patchwork” of travel restrictions across Europe, says a ministry spokesperson. Additionally, the Dutch government hopes to receive advice on the Omnikron variant that’s apparently been laying low in the Netherlands since before its rise to international fame.

What do you think of the potential travel restrictions? Tell us in the comments below!

Feature Image: samwordley@gmail.com/Depositphotos

Christine Stein Hededam 🇩🇰
Christine Stein Hededam 🇩🇰
A Dane with a special place in her heart for Minnesota, Christine is now falling in love with everything Dutch. Between finishing her bachelor’s degree, learning Dutch, and doing yoga teacher training, you will find her wandering about the Hague. Always up for visiting new places, she loves to explore the Netherlands with friends and takes pride in scoping out cute cafés (wherein to discuss books, big plans, and food).


  1. Ek is 81 en wil graag my dogter in Nederland besoek vir Kersfees. Moet ek nou 4 PCR toetse doen – 1 voor ek vertrek, 1 by aankoms en weer 1 voor ek Nederland vertrek en weer 1 toe ek in Engeland kpm.


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