A joint operation between Dutch and German police has found and confiscated over 50,000 kilograms of professional and mass fireworks last night. Seven suspects have been arrested, four of whom have Dutch nationality. 

Earlier this month, three people were arrested in Delfzijl, where 700 kilograms of fireworks were found. Police also confiscated €2,300 discovered on sight, as police suspect these men were selling fireworks on the private market. Investigations indicated that the fireworks probably came from Germany.

Dutch police contacted German officers, and together they found a truck stuffed with 2,400 kilograms of fireworks in Wietmarschen last Thursday. From there, they were able to discover the massive stock of 50,000 kilograms of fireworks, also in Wietmarschen.

On the Dutch market, this quantity would be worth around €750,000. Police also discovered €15,000 in cash, which they also confiscated.

Danger of professional fireworks

It is illegal to sell fireworks in the Netherlands, other than the last three days of the year. Professional and mass fireworks are especially dangerous, as they must be stored in a special room in order to not go off accidentally. If one piece goes off, the entire collection can explode too. Setting them off responsibly also requires specific knowledge and skills.

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Feature Image: Designecologist/Pexels



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