Police still searching for car that killed 14-year-old girl from Marken

The police are continuing to search for the driver of the car that hit 14-year-old Tamar, who was found dead at the side of the road at 4:00 AM last weekend.

Tamar’s parents reported her missing at 3:00 AM, after she had left the family house in Marken because she did not want to go to bed. At 4:00 AM, police found her body on the shoulder along the Zeedijk in Zuiderwoude. Investigations have shown that she was hit by a car.

The mother of Tamar appeared on the talk show Op1 yesterday evening, asking for anyone who had any information or tips to come forward. Since then, the police have received dozens of tips about damaged cars. They hope that if they can talk to the driver, they will gain more clarity about the time of the accident, as well as what exactly happened.

Currently, the police are following up on the tips they have received about damaged cars. So far this week they have seized four cars with damage, but none of the owners have been arrested.

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Feature Image: Rene Cortin/Wikimedia Commons


Ailish Lalor
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