The next New Years Eve could be a lot quieter in Rotterdam, as the port city announces it is in favour of a total fireworks ban. 

It’s the first of the four major cities to have a majority for a ban on the pyrotechnics. The change in tide came after the VVD party announced it was in favour of the ban.

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The VVD department wrote on their website that they changed their position after huge amounts of incidents and violence over the New Years period. The ‘atmosphere of lawlessness’ that the fireworks created caused inconvenience and injuries every year, the party said.

The city previously attempted to implement fireworks-free zones, creating a patchwork quilt of yes and no zones. According to the VVD, it did little to curb the problem.

Last New Years was the breaking point for the city when eighteen people were rushed to Rotterdam Eye Hospital with injuries caused by fireworks. Security and emergency services in the municipality were stretched to their limit, with the control room receiving a thousand reports during the 2019-20 celebrations.


Across the country, fireworks saw over 15 million euros in damages occur, as fireworks were lit under cars, stuffed through mailboxes, and even caused the tragic deaths of a father and son. Last week it was announced that a majority in the Lower House of Parliament supported a nationwide ban.

Would you support a fireworks ban throughout the rest of the Netherlands? Or do you think there are other ways to deal with the issue? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature Image: Spenser Sembrat/Unsplash


  1. Fully support a total ban. The damage, the terror to people and animals, the violence all needs to stop. Partial bans, firework free zones have proven not to work quite obviously.


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