KLM has decided to halt all flights over Iran and Iraq following turmoil in the area after a US drone strike killed Soleimani. Other airlines have also done the same. 

Great unrest

Last night, Iran fired missiles at US base in Iraq amid rising tensions in the area.

A Ukrainian passenger plane carrying 176 people crashed minutes after take off from Tehran’s international airport. There were no survivors. Reza Jafarzadeh, the civil aviation spokesman stated “The pilot had no contact with the tower and didn’t announce an emergency situation before the crash.” It is not yet known if this crash is connected to the unrest between Iran and US.

Flight disruptions

A spokesperson for KLM says this decision will add a 10 to 12 minute delay to flights destined for Southeast Asia and the Middle East, NOS reports. 

Other airlines change flight paths too

KLM is not the only airline to stop flights over Iran and Iraq. Ukraine International Airlines has stopped all flights to and from Tehran. German plane carrier, Lufthansa, has ceased all flights between Germany and Iran.

US aviation authority, FAA, are also prevented from flying over Iraq and Iran.

Feature image: corgaasbeek/pixabay




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