Temperatures reached a record high for September on Tuesday, skyrocketing to 35.1 degrees in Gilze-Rijen, North Brabant. 

Tuesday was one for the record books, setting the highest temperature for both September and Prinsjesdag. The previous September record was 34.2 degrees, way back in 1929 in Maastricht. Yesterday was a landslide victory of nearly an entire degree.

It seems Mother Nature has been making up for lost time, packing a week’s worth of heat into one day, and reminding us that summer’s not over yet.

After a particularly chilly August, Netherlanders have welcomed the warmer weather this week. Ice cream store owners, in particular, rejoiced, waking up their scooping arms for the last big day of the summer.

More sun to come

The hot temperatures aren’t going to stick around but the sun is expected to take us right up to the autumn equinox on the 22nd, before the rains promptly set in. Enjoy!

Are you doing anything special for the last week of summer? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image: Pixabay/Pexels



  1. It’s important to note this is only the high since records have been kept. Further the first practical accurate thermometers were not in use until the early 18th century. No one knows what the high temperatures were 500 years ago, much less even earlier.


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