‘Run-away’ coalition and outrage in coronavirus debate

Tensions were high in Wednesday’s all-day coronavirus debate. A roll-call vote was requested but not enough MPs were present to be able to move forward with it. Opposition parties say the coalition MPs ran away en masse. The bill for better conditions for healthcare workers was once again rejected.

After votes were tied for each party, PVV leader Geert Wilders requested a roll-call vote for his proposal on better pay for health care workers. The vote was cancelled, as there were only 62 MPs still present in the building. A quorum of 76 is required.

Image: Screenshot/Tweede Kamer Debat Gemist

Turbulence in the courtroom

Wilders and the other leaders of opposition parties reacted angrily when President Arib made the announcement that the vote would not be held. Geert criticised the opposition party saying, “The coalition has run away en masse, which is a shame.” 

Groenlinks leader Klaver calls their leaving “downright undemocratic.” PvdA leader Asscher says it was “unheard of and disrespectful.”

Parliament member Van Meenen said on Twitter that it wasn’t a question of “running away.” The House determined that a roll-call vote would need more time. 

Better healthcare remuneration shot down

Before the recess, a motion for better healthcare pay was rejected after three votes. The proposal seeks better working conditions and pay for healthcare workers, who have been adversely affected by the working conditions presented by the coronavirus pandemic.

Chairman of the Dutch Association for Intensive Care, Diederik Gommers says, “Don’t expect us to be heroic if we can’t talk about this,” in an Op1 interview.

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Feature Image: Screenshot/Tweede Kamer Debat Gemist

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