Four young people have been arrested in the Schilderswijk neighbourhood in The Hague after a night of unrest.

Between 100 and 150 young people were on the streets last night. The unrest began on Wednesday around 8:00 PM, and continued well into Thursday morning. The mobile unit of the police had to be called, and the police conducted two riot charges around 10:30 PM. Roads in the area were closed. The cause of the unrest is still unknown.

The police reported that the youths on the street committed vandalism, started fires, turned on fire hydrants and threw fireworks, stones and eggs. When the police arrived on the scene they were pelted with stones and generally harassed. The police also encountered resistance when they were clearing the street to make way for the fire brigade.

Several officers reported having ringing ears after loud fireworks were set off close to them. Furthermore, several police vehicles were damaged, as well as some cars in the area, one of which was completely destroyed.

Three of the four people arrested are held on suspicion of open assault and assembly. The fourth was arrested for vandalism.

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Feature Image: Ben Koorengevel/Unsplash



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