Rutte: Gyms, saunas, casinos and sports canteens may already open up on July 1

“But only IF it turns out that it is really possible by then,” said a stern Prime Minister Rutte told press after the meeting.

This means that the spread of the virus should not have increased too much. “A really big profit warning,” said Rutte. “Whether it is possible depends on how we stick to the rules and behave” It will then be announced a week before July 1 whether the relaxation will actually continue.

Requirements for gyms to open up

Gyms must meet certain requirements in order to actually open up. For example, they must ensure good ventilation, supervise compliance with the hygiene rules and they must perform a health check in advance on people who want to come and work out.

The opening of gyms was previously planned for the September 1. Many gym owners have recently said that they found that date far too late. The experts from the Outbreak Management Team did not come to a piece of advice to the cabinet about the gyms, because too much is still unclear about the distribution of sweat droplets and ventilation and such, nonetheless, the cabinet has decided.

Next week the cabinet will talk about the vacation period and if people can travel abroad and if yes, to which countries.

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Feature Image: Still of May press conference

Abuzer van Leeuwen 🇳🇱
Abuzer van Leeuwen 🇳🇱
Abuzer founded DutchReview a decade ago because he thought expats needed it and wanted to make amends for the Dutch cuisine. He has a Masters in Political Science and IT but somewhere always wanted to study history or good old football. He also a mortgage in the Netherlands and will happily tell you too how to get one. Born and raised in Rotterdam, Abuzer now lives in Leiden but is always longing back to his own international year in Italy.


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