“They must provide clarity:” shoppers and retailers left confused about mouth masks

On Wednesday evening, Mark Rutte “strongly advised” that people wear mouth masks in public spaces. This has left retailers and shoppers confused. 

The cabinet will clarify what the Prime Minister meant by this tonight. In the meantime, shop owners and customers have been left to decide for themselves whether or not a mouth mask is necessary.

Shouldn’t be up to the employees

Many chains of retailers and supermarkets in the Netherlands have said that they will not be enforcing the advice on their customers, for now.

This is because they believe it should not be left to the employees to enforce corona regulations. Many already receive abuse when they ask customers to abide by the new rules.

Liane ter Maat of the CBL (Central Bureau for Food Trade) has told the NOS that “we do not want to have to argue with customers about a cap. Employees are already sometimes treated unfriendly when they point out the rules to people. Moreover, it is not up to the supermarkets to take such corona measures.”

It must be made clear

When interviewing shoppers in Lelystad, many said the cabinet has left them confused. “They must provide clarity” one shopper told the NOS.

The cabinet initially told people that they did not believe a mouth mask would help prevent the spread of coronavirus because it could give people a false sense of security. This decision was met with scrutiny from independent experts and even internationally by United States’ Dr Fauci.

It seems that the criticism has hit home with cabinet and hopefully we’ll receive some clarity surrounding the change in opinion tonight.

What do you think about mouth masks? Let us know in the comments below! 

Feature Image: DutchReview/Canva

Sarah O'Leary
Sarah O'Leary
Sarah originally arrived in the Netherlands due to an inability to make her own decisions — she was simply told by her mother to choose the Netherlands for Erasmus. Life here has been challenging (have you heard the language) but brilliant for Sarah, and she loves to write about it. When Sarah is not acting as a safety threat to herself and others (cycling), you can find her sitting in a corner of Leiden with a coffee, trying to sound witty.


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