No sunshine in sight for March, in fact, snow might return to the Netherlands

This time last year, lockdown began and the sun came out to tease us all. Lucky for us lockdown goblins, we won’t be experiencing any weather FOMO this March. In fact, it looks like this month’s forecast will encourage us all to stay inside. 

Not only is it set to be a cold, wet and miserable week in the Netherlands, according to Buienradar, there’s even a chance of snow again!

Cool and cloudy

The next few days will be cool and cloudy, according to Reinier van den Berg of Buienradar. Dutch weather will put on its typical outfit of grey clouds, little sunshine and the all important piece — rain.

Temperatures will linger between a thrilling 1-8 degrees until Friday, meaning that it’s time to put away any fantasies of finally wearing all those summer clothes you ordered online.

Snow? In March?

However, it seems the Dutch weather may have one more trick up its sleeve for us — snow. That’s right, there’s a chance that the Netherlands will see snowy showers return this Friday as the temperatures drop to between -1 and 6 degrees.

This cool weather is set to stick around for the weekend with temperatures going down to -2 on Saturday before returning to a balmy 0 degrees on Sunday.

Not like last year

Van Den Berg explains that last March’s warm weather was actually a bit of an anomaly — quite fitting really. According to the weather charts, Van Den Berg doesn’t see many sunny days insight for us this year.

That’s fine. We don’t care anyway, really.

Do you want the snow to return? Or were your hoping for a March like we had last year? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Feature Image: Free-Photos/Pixabay

Sarah Fuchs
Sarah left the mountainous Norway four years ago to live in Amsterdam, where she has lived since, except for a one-year stint in Singapore and South Korea. She has a degree in politics, psychology, law, and economics (in case you were wondering: yes, she is planning on taking over the world). When she’s not writing for DutchReview, she can be found running around town with her analog camera.


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