Today’s warm weather today in the Netherlands is expected to break another high-temperature record — for the eleventh time this year.

Today is expected to be dry and sunny, with light clouds moving in later in the afternoon.

The day is expected to warm up to around 13 degrees in the north of the country, and 17 degrees in Limburg. “The light will turn on again today!” says Jan Visser of Buienrader.

Record-breaking warmth

The standing heat record for November 18 is 14.5 degrees in 2015, which will most certainly be broken today as temperates climb into the higher teens throughout the country.

With the unusually warm weather we’ve had all year, “record-breaking heat” is no stranger to the headlines in 2020. Today will mark the eleventh time this year temperatures have left their mark on history.

Stormy weather on the way

Tomorrow, on the other hand, showers and hefty winds will gust into the Netherlands. Thunderstorms are possible, particularly in the north. Temperatures will reach a maximum of 11 degrees, with winds of around 75 km/hr in coastal provinces.

The rain is expected to sprinkle on and off for several days to come, with moody temperatures moving down to a maximum of 8 or 9 degrees on Friday.


Do you have plans to enjoy today’s sunny weather? Tell us in the comments below.

Feature Image: Sander Weeteling/Unsplash


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