The snow is coming!

The snow is starting to arrive in the Southern, Western and central parts of the Netherlands, you may have seen it already. There is a slight chance that this will arrive in the East by the evening. As exciting as this weather is, it causes disruption for all of us when we need to travel.

It’s been issued as a code yellow. So what does this mean for the rest of the day?


Well, the roads are set to get slippery, as the layer of snow starts to freeze towards the end of the day. The rush hour is expected to start earlier today and be slightly worse, as everyone travels for their spring break and for carnival. So we advise that you leave early, or if that is not possible, just be prepared for poor traffic and weather conditions. Stay safe on the roads!


Currently KLM have cancelled 26 flights arriving/departing from Schiphol airport today. Flybe have also cancelled a couple flying to/from the UK. Other airlines have delays of up to a few hours. Don’t worry, airlines are contacting passengers who may have their flight affected! These issues are set to rise, until the weather conditions begin to improve. Again, this is set to change as the day goes on, so we will keep you updated on this. Keep checking the Schipol website for more information.


So far the trains don’t appear to be affected by the weather, but this could change as it gets later on into the day. We’ll keep you posted if anything big happens! Expect a lot of passengers on public transport today though, as people are travelling for spring break and carnival also. There are planned disruptions, but so far none directly affected by the weather. Keep checking the NS site for more information.


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