Wrap it up guys! This STI is on the rise in the Netherlands

The Dutch are known for having a relaxed attitude when it comes to sex but it looks like they’ve become too relaxed about it, with many youngsters giving each other more than a fun time. 👀

Everyone knows what STIs are (you know, sexually transmitted infections), and how they’re spread. Helaas, the younger generation seems to be so distracted by the sexual part that they’re forgetting what the other two letters stand for.

The result? Gonorrhea is back-arrhea and is occurring more frequently. Not only in the Netherlands but in neighbouring countries as well, reports AD.

“She’s the on the pill, we’re all good to go!”

Preventing pregnancy might be top of the list for both parties, but more and more Dutchb people are underestimating STIs. Gonorrhea is one of them.

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While it may be enjoyable spreading it, the symptoms definitely are not.

Painful urination, and mucus or pus coming out of the penis are some not-so-fun experiences men could have.

Women might not notice anything but some inflammation. However, it can have a devastating effect on their fertility.

Safe sex taboo?!

The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) is concerned about the increase in the number of STIs in the Netherlands.

This is a worry, especially amongst the younger target group, where condom use has been low for years.

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“For example, four out of ten young people never use a condom during a one-night stand,” RIVM doctor Rosa Joosten tells AD. Joosten thinks using a condom might be considered taboo by youngsters.

Echt?! Well, we’re here to say protecting yourself is cool! 😎

Please enjoy this video that would make your high school biology teacher salivate.

Give love, not an STI

The RIVM thinks the younger generation should be better informed about protected sex, and that “A behavioural change in condom use is really necessary.”

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Don’t worry, they have a plan.

They know where all the young people are at, yo: festivals and uni! They’re going to hand out over 40,000 free condoms at festivals and encourage safe sex at introduction weeks of study programmes.

Wrap it before you tap it, folks! 🍌

What do you think can be done to encourage safe sex in the Netherlands? Tell us in the comments!

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Simone Jacobs
Simone Jacobs
Originally from South Africa, Simone is having fun navigating the Dutch language, steep stairs, and bicycles (which she still manages to fall off of with her short, non-Dutch legs). An animal lover at heart, Simone can typically be found under her (growing?) mound of cats, where she uses the opportunity to read, write, and watch video compilations of creatures.


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