Is it time to skate in the Netherlands?

The question that is on everybody’s lips today!

There is a cold stream flowing through the Netherlands this weekend and into the start of next week. This is going to lead to heavy frosts over much of the country. The cold front starts over the weekend and gradually gets colder, resulting in Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday seeing some parts of the country with temperatures as low as -8 overnight! In more central parts of the country, this will result in at least 5cm of ice. There isn’t much chance of the ice melting either, as daytime temperatures struggle to get above freezing.

There is a chance that the cold weather could continue into late next week, however it is too early to predict that accurately yet.

Rise in ice skating sales

We are all sitting back and hoping that this will be the start of some natural ice skating. Within a day, the sale of ice skates has risen sharply following this news, as keen Dutchies prepare themselves for a possible skating session. Skating clubs across the country are also holding out for the cold weather as for some, it’s been 5 years since they have been able to skate properly on natural ice. It is recommended that skating on lakes and canals will not be safe until the ice is at least 10cm thick. Skating on fields is completely possible if they have been flooded. So there still is an opportunity to get your skates on, don’t lose hope!

When you spend more time on your bum, rather than on your feet… (accurate)



Let’s just hold out and see what happens. It’s definitely not impossible. It’s been a weird 12 months for weather, so fingers crossed that this happens for real this time! See you on the ice 😉



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