The works on the train lines between The Hague and Schiphol Airport, running through Leiden, will soon have work started on them next week. This means, of course, complications will arise for commuters.

The NS is trying to handle the works better this time around compared to last year, and the timetables will be better adjusted, information leaflets will be given, and there will be intervention teams specifically for the train delays and to inform commuters.

Work to commence next week

The works will take between 8-14 of February for Leiden Centraal, and they will also happen from Den Haag Centraal between 22nd of February all the way up to the first of March. What this means is that there will be less trains, delays, and in some cases, no trains at all, so plan accordingly by checking the NS website.

This is not the first time that NS has worked on these lines and disrupted the schedule of commuters, as this happened last year as well. Back then the NS did not handle it that well, and they have finally decided to apologize. One year late, but better than never. Back in last year they also tried to fix their errors by bribing commuters with coffee. Using black coffee to overcome the bitterness is arguably debatable.

Works will start also between Breda and Rotterdam in the weekend

The bad news, unfortunately, does not stop here. Commuters between Breda and Rotterdam will also have to adapt for the coming weekend. There is a problem with one of the terminals in Willemsspoort tunnel, which is one of the major junctions in Rotterdam, all trains going southwards must pass through it. The Intercity between Breda and Rotterdam will not run, and there will be fewer sprinters between Dordrecht and Rotterdam. On a more upbeat tone, this problem should be resolved by Monday morning.

Here’s to hoping your commute does not get affected (too much). Let us know about your experiences with commuting down below in the comments.

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