Sick of the rain? Vacations in Greece are now possible with a Dutch vaccination certificate

In need of some vitamin D? From today on, people who have received their second corona vaccination will be able to travel to Greece without a negative PCR-test. All you need to enjoy the Greek sun is to provide a vaccination certificate from the GGD or the hospital.

According to the Dutch Ministry of Health, a vaccination certificate from the GGD or hospital will serve as “fraud proof” evidence of having received a proper vaccination, reports RTL news.

It is important that the personal details on the certificate match those of your passport (or another travel document). In addition, the certificate should state which vaccination you were administered and include the date of vaccination — the second shot should be no less than 14 days old.

Changes to previous regulations

Previously, people coming from the Netherlands needed to provide a negative PCR-test even after being fully vaccinated. The Greek government will allow Dutchies to explore its shores in spite of the fact that The Netherlands does not yet have an official vaccination passport.

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This is because the Greek government now recognises a GGD or Dutch hospital vaccination certificate as carrying official value.

Not vaccinated but still want to travel?

If you are hoping to spend your vacation in Greece, but have not yet been vaccinated, you can still travel there if you can provide a negative PCR-test taken within the last 72 hours. People who have had corona within the last nine months are also allowed into Greece.

Where are you hoping to spend your summer vacation? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature Image: Mati Flo/Unsplash

Christine Stein Hededam 🇩🇰
Christine Stein Hededam 🇩🇰
A Dane with a special place in her heart for Minnesota, Christine is now falling in love with everything Dutch. Between finishing her bachelor’s degree, learning Dutch, and doing yoga teacher training, you will find her wandering about the Hague. Always up for visiting new places, she loves to explore the Netherlands with friends and takes pride in scoping out cute cafés (wherein to discuss books, big plans, and food).


  1. this is unfair though.

    young people who are not eligible for a vaccine yet, and probably do not earn as much money as middle aged people who are vaccinated by now, also need to pay for a negative pcr test?

    this is adding insult to the injury.

    the NL must offer free pcr tests for travelers who haven’t yet received their vaccine shot(s)!


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