Utrecht professor, Joop van der Maas, passed away in June this year. Utrecht University’s fund for students in need was delighted to hear that they were listed as his only heir. 

Van der Maas passed away on June 2, 2020, and left the Utrecht University Fund as the sole inheritor of his legacy worth over €1 million.

The fund was set up for students who may find themselves unable to pay their university fees due to a change in their life circumstances. This change can be attributed to either financial or emotional problems.

A struggle that he understood

Professor Van der Maas led an interesting life. Having survived the “Watersnoodramp” flooding of 1953, he understood that life can be disrupted in the blink of an eye. For this reason, he left his legacy for students who may find themselves in a similar situation.

Van der Maas did not like to talk about his experience of the flood but Utrecht University writes that it influenced the way he saw his students. “The fear of drowning, shelter and housing with a host family [that he] suffered during the disaster had shaped him to a large extent. As a result, he had an eye for disadvantaged students.” 

The University described Professor Van der Maas as, “a passionate teacher who was keen to share his knowledge and to make students enthusiastic about the profession. Education was never a mandatory number for him.”

He believed that students should be given a chance in spite of their circumstances, saying “you have to give everyone a second chance.”


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Feature Image: Mikael Kristenson/Unsplash


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