Fantastic news for those of us in the Netherlands — a heatwave is in our midst! Well, fantastic if you like the heat, of course. 

After last Friday’s tropical hot weather, you’d think that summer has peaked and that we’re back to our regular dreary Dutch weather — but you’d be wrong. While the start of this week is relatively cool, we’ll have more tropical weather later this week, reports Weerplaza.

The weather pre-heatwave

Tuesday will be a relatively cool, like today, however without any showers. The temperature will be around 22 degrees.

The temperature will start to pick up after Wednesday. There will still be the chance of a smattering of rain, but we’ll be having 25 degrees that day.

The summer weather will really start to shine from Thursday, reaching temperatures of between 25 to 31 degrees.

Chance of a heatwave

Warm tropical air will arrive on Dutch shores from Friday. We may experience a full-blown heatwave. Temperatures could rise to 37 degrees in some areas, particularly in the south-east. The Netherlands officially considers it a heatwave if temperatures are over 25 degrees five days in row, three of which must be over 30 degrees.

Whatever the case, stock up on sunscreen for the coming days and stay hydrated!


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Feature Image: Abuzer van Leeuwen/Supplied


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