Keep your sunglasses handy, the sun will be shining throughout the Netherlands today. The mild weather is expected to take us through Thursday, with frost setting in on Friday.

Starting off with a bit of fog early this morning, the rest of the day is expected to be mostly sunny with intermittent clouds, which will be heavier in the Limburg area, according to Buienrader.

Temperatures will be mild, ranging from 9 – 11 degrees in the afternoon, with weak to moderate winds.

Into the evening, clouds and mist will roll in from the south, cooling down the east of the country to as low as 2 degrees.

A dreary dinsdag

Grey and hazy skies are expected for tomorrow, with a touch of drizzle in some regions. The sun will say hello periodically throughout the day but temperatures are not expected to exceed 11 degrees.

Cold weather ahead

For the remainder of the week, we’ll be able to stay mostly dry. The temperatures will drop by the end of the week, with a high of only 6 degrees anticipated for Friday. Watch your step out there, some light frost should be gracing the sidewalks.

Are you looking forward to the incoming cold weather? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


Feature Image: Bart van Geffen/Unsplash


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