Code red is in force for the entire country starting this midnight. The KNMI issued this weather warning because of the expected combination of snow, wind and frost which can lead to dangerous situations.

The strong wind can cause snowdrift, warns the KNMI as is reported by the NOS. This can then cause snow dunes on roads, which can create dangerous situations for traffic. Visibility through the snow can also be poor and slippery conditions can occur.

In the southeast of the Netherlands, 15 centimeters of snow can fall locally. There will be a lot of wind, especially in the northern half of the Netherlands.

Blistering cold winds expected

Heavy gusts of wind will occur around the coast and the IJsselmeer. The perceived temperature is much lower than the actual temperature due to these circumstances, with a windchill temperature of -20 degrees (!)

Yesterday the KNMI issued code orange, but that has now been adjusted to code red. Code red means there is at least a 90% chance of extreme weather. With code red, damage and accidents are very likely. Therefore it is not recommended to take to the road. The last time this issued code red for the entire country was in 2012, so we’re up for quite an extreme ride folks.

All test and vaccination locations closed by the GGDs

All coronavirus vaccination and test locations of the GGDs will remain closed tomorrow. The GGDs had already announced that with code red in a certain region, the vaccination and test locations in that region would close. All football matches for Sunday have been canceled too.


How are you going to (safely) enjoy the winter wonderland that is expected to be all around us tomorrow? Let us know in the comments

Feature Image: Michel_van_der_Vegt/Pixabay


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