Are you looking forward to Friday? Have you been looking forward to the end of the workweek already? If you live in Limburg, there might be a small treat in store for you on Friday: the first snowfall will be coating your windows, reports Buienradar. However, the rest of the Netherlands will have to be happy with plain ol’ rain.

But is it the good kind? Maybe not. Marc de Jong from Buienradar says to RTL Nieuws that it will be the wet kind of snow. He said, “Limburg is higher, so it is slightly cooler there. And they have the least influence of seawater there.”

If there will be heavy snowfall in the early hours of the morning, then the snowflakes might even stick around for a while. But it may not be cold enough for it to remain snow.

So be careful of those puddles of water that may be everywhere!

What about the rest of the Netherlands?

Well, we may not be so fortunate. RTL Nieuws says that we shouldn’t expect any snow in the rest of the country. But expect it to be cold nonetheless! We are approaching winter after all.

So when Sinterklaas comes to Apeldoorn on Saturday, we may not see any snow. But will it rain? They’re not so sure themselves. “In the north of the country it will be wet, but not in the south. Apeldoorn is on the border so we dare not yet say if it will rain,” says De Jong. “It is at least cold and damp.”


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Source: pixabay/ skeeze



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