Bring out those picnic baskets, and sunglasses, it’s going to be bright and sunny this weekend! The sun is not going to be playing hide-and-seek from behind thick, stormy clouds!

Vitamin D supplements? What are those?

Weerplaza reports that TGI Fridays is going to take on a new form of relief with temperatures being almost as high as 15°C in some parts of the Netherlands. You can nurse those hangovers, and wake up to a bright Saturday.

Just look at the prediction for the week in Amsterdam! The good weather continues on Sunday with the highest temperature predicted being 12°C. The whole week has only a 10% chance of rain. 

Weather for the week in Amsterdam. Source: Weerplaza

It’s going to go down on Tuesday, so you need to seize this opportunity where you can’t complain about gloomy Dutch weather. Put those winter jackets and umbrellas away and take a walk in the park, extend your Valentine’s day celebrations, or get a cold beer with friends (secret option number four is all of the above 😉 )! It’s going be a good one, kids!

What are you going to do this weekend? Let us know in the comments!


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