Netherlands: Go out or chill at home this weekend? Weather: Yes.

Ahhh yes, the dreadful work week is finally nearly over. It is time for our beloved beer or wine. But the question is, go out or chill at home this weekend? What sort of debauchery shall we get up to? There will be a mix of rain and clouds with a hint of sunshine. Typical Dutch weather right? It is going to be around 8 degrees so make sure you wrap yourself up in a warm coat before you jump on your bike!

netherlands rain weather
Cloudy and Rainy Dutch Weather. Source: Max Pixel


Friday will be mostly sunny with some clouds. Don’t eat your lunch inside your office! Take in the little sunlight that is left before the week ahead. The maximum temperature is  predicted to be 9 degrees, and the minimum temperature is a low 4 degrees.


You won’t be able to do much outside on Saturday. Get ready for a cold day with some showers. It would be best to whip up some hot chocolate and read a good book. Perhaps even Netflix and chill with your loved ones (or someone you met on Bumble). Temperatures are going to be between 3 to 9 degrees.

Sunday and the next week

Sunday will be mostly sunny with some clouds, so go cycling, hiking or the beach while you still can! The temperatures will range from 3 to 8 degrees. The upcoming cloudy week is filled with either showers or full on rain. The temperatures will remain frightfully chilly (between 1 to 9 degrees).

It seems that winter is coming! But at least there is Christmas to look forward to. I am sure you can’t wait for the delicious food!

What are your plans for this weekend? Have they been ruined or did you expect this all along? Let us know in the comments below!

Francine Zauner
Born and raised in Asia, Francine has lived 20 years in Hong Kong and 6 years in Bali. She is French and Chinese, which has given her the ability to understand individuals from various cultures. She is passionate about writing, journalism, teaching and philanthropy. She is also dedicated to environmental and charity projects in order to create a better world. Francine is a Native English Teacher and has a CertTESOL qualification from Trinity College London. She has a Diploma of Journalism (ICI, UK) and received the Highest Mark in the world for her AS Level English Language and Literature exam (2012). Francine spends her days eating bitterballen and finding out which Dutch festival is happening next.


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