We were already getting used to our usual grey and dreary weather. But this Summer just won’t stop giving as mid-twenty temperatures and the sun make a comeback in the Netherlands: it’s Indian Summertime!

So what’s the weather going to be like this week?

On Monday, the clouds and sun are both there. After a cool night, the temperatures rises during the day to summer values, with locally up to 25 degrees. In the south of the country, the sun is visible early in the morning, while in the north of the country the chance of cloudiness continues throughout the day. There may also be a few showers in the north. In most places, however, there is no drop of rain. A south-western current gradually causes the supply of warm air over the Netherlands.

Source: weerplaza.nl

And then this hot Summer-like weather will continue for a couple of days!

It will remain dry and fairly sunny until Thursday. Tuesday the sun shines all over the country, with 23 degrees on average. That temperature will also appear on the thermometer on Wednesday and Thursday. The sun will then be a tad less bright. From Friday it starts to rain and it gets colder.

Make it count all!


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