The moment we’ve all been waiting for – a glimpse of summer that we all wait for every year. In previous years we would have seen it by now, but this year we’re not going to see it until the first day of June (on my birthday – lucky me!)

Yes, that’s right, summer is finally arriving in the Netherlands this weekend (and for real this time, not some 20-degree shizz). We know what the Dutch summers are like – one minute there’s a thunderstorm, the next we’re dying in our insulated apartments with a lack of aircon.

Let us just forget about today’s strike for a moment and all the damn rain. So, what is this weekend going to bring us?

The weather this weekend in the Netherlands:

*Before we begin I just want to say that although we all have a day off on Thursday – the weather is going to be pretty meh (not quite suntan weather just yet). But the weekend…


Saturday is going to be a modest 23 degrees Celsius, with sunshine and cloud. The clouds should begin to clear towards the end of the day and into the evening. Perfect timing for a Saturday evening drink outside. 😉

Source: Rotterdam on iPhone – The Weather Channel App


Sunday is going to be a beautiful hot and sunny day, with temperatures reaching 28 degrees Celsius in some parts of the Netherlands. The south of the country is expected to get the most heat, however, the rest of the country will reach temperatures in the mid-20s. (Hey, you Rotterdammers – it’s going to be hottest for you!)



Next week

Next week isn’t looking quite so hot and it’s back to the typical Dutch thunderstorms, but again the weather improves for another nice weekend it seems. We’ll have to wait and see!

What are your weekend plans? Let us know in the comments.


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