Temperatures will reach 27 degrees in the Netherlands today — but will it last?

April weather keeps you guessing 🤔

Don’t get us wrong — we were lucky with the King’s Day weather. But today’s temperatures will have us wishing we could do it all over again, with more orange shades and fewer orange coats.

Well, that is until the storms begin this afternoon.

It will be a truly sizzling summery day across the Netherlands today, with temperatures ranging from a casual 20 degrees to a blissful 27 degrees, NU.nl reports.

It will even stay in the double figures overnight with temperatures as high as 14 degrees, so sunny terrasje evenings feel more of a reality than they have for a while. 🌞

But don’t get too excited yet.

Temps off the scale, but hail will prevail?

Of course, this weather comes with lots of dangers. Burning, exhaustion, overheating… but what about the whiplash caused by how much it changes?!

From freezing temperatures last week to this morning’s soaring sunshine, however, it’s set to turn again.

While you may enjoy sunshine this morning, you can expect thunderstorms and hail later today. 🌩

The southwest of the country will have its worst before it gets better, with a showery morning and spells of thunder until the sun breaks through.

Then, across the rest of the Netherlands, the familiar strong winds, thunderstorms and possibly even hail (yes, HAIL) will develop in the late afternoon and evening.

This is especially likely in the southeast and northern coastal areas.

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We can’t keep up, and we’re not sure if it’s the heat making us dizzy or the April weather’s mood swings. 🤯

How are you spending today’s sunny weather? Let us know in the comments below.

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Lottie Gale 🇬🇧
Lottie Gale 🇬🇧
Lottie joins DutchReview as an editorial intern after gaining a Bachelor’s in English from her native England. She continues to pursue all things literature in her MA Literature Today at Utrecht University. She is loving life here, and the ever-looming rainclouds often make it feel like a home from home. Lottie arrived to complete her studies and hone her writing skills — she’ll stay for the Dutch tranquility, tulips and tompouce.


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