According to Weerplaza, the weather in some regions will reach 23 degrees Celsius today and this weekend. Throughout the country, it will reach at least 20.

Most of us have been dying for a bit of summer sun after that spell of wonderful BBQ weather back in Easter and so far it’s just not happened. We are now 17 days into May and noooo, we are finally about to get warmer weather and the rain comes back.

When you want to wear your sunglasses and a thunderstorm rolls in…

We love talking about the weather so much that we have a new article out about the weather all year round in the Netherlands and we even have one about how it doesn’t actually rain that much here (even though it really feels like it does) – so check them out if you’re as obsessed with the damn weather as we are. 😉

Anyway, what’s the weekend got in store for us?


Saturday is set to be a nice day for many of us with sunshine and clouds and a risk of a couple of light showers. Temperatures will range between 20 and 23 degrees across the country.



Sunday is a typical Dutch day with the weather doing whatever it likes. Expect sun, cloud and thunderstorms (so heavy downpours of rain) and temperatures again are expected to be in the early 20s throughout the country.

Next week

Next week is expected to be much drier, but temperatures are dropping again to around 16 degrees. Let’s hope that the hot and sunny weather is just saving itself up for all of June (we can dream).

What are your plans this weekend? Let us know in the comments!


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