If you were preparing a week of doom given storm Ciara’s grand entrance yesterday, you can take a breath. The worst has already passed.

Congratulations, we’ve made it through storm Ciara. It wasn’t that bad right? Or maybe it was and you’re now sitting in a shelter because the roof is gone (#neverforget then). In any case, let’s have a look at the aftermath of storm Ciara in the Netherlands.

Windy conditions continue

Strong wind will continue throughout the week, and Code Orange will be replaced with a milder Code Yellow for today. The weather forecast also rain for the remainder of the week.

Traffic and other transportation issues

This morning, the worst bit of rush hour has passed- but traffic continues through out the Netherlands – you can keep track of it here.

Of course, the storm has also had its impact on trains- with the high-speed trains diverted temporarily. This won’t cause major issues, but rather minor delays.

Cancellations at Schiphol

According to NH News, over 200 flights from Schiphol Airport were cancelled yesterday, and cancellations will continue today and likely for the rest of the week.

This flight wasn’t able to land at Schiphol at had to return to Madrid:


Interestingly (on the bright side maybe), many of flights in countries that that did make it up in the air hit record times due to windspeed. A KLM flight from New York to Amsterdam reached an hour and a half earlier than expected, according to NOS.

Has Ciara affected you? Let us know in the comments!


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