Heatwave for the Netherlands This Week

Yet again the Netherlands is expecting no or extremely light rain, so there’s no chance of our landscape recovering any time soon. Now it’s heatwave time!


What is a Heatwave?

It is considered a heatwave when the temperatures reach at least 25 degrees Celsius for 5 consecutive days, of which 3 of these days must exceed 30. There is a significantly high chance that this will occur this week in the Netherlands. In some places, the hot weather has already started as it will exceed 30 degrees today already.

For some of the country (especially the East), the weather is expected to reach the mid-30s consecutively. And so far it looks as if August is going to be a hot one too! So it doesn’t look like we’ll be complaining about the rain for a very long time. I figure when it finally does, everyone will be screaming with joy (ah ya weirdos – rain is my enemy).

Beach anyone?!

Record-Breaking Weather

According to RTL Nieuws, we’re set to break a few records. One of those being the driest summer, which is expected to be broken within days. Another being the longest national heatwave, that we are predicted to break also. No significant rain has been forecast what so ever – so if you aren’t into the heat, then I’m sorry, it’s here to stay.


Get your fridges ready, there’s no end in sight. 😉

National Warmth Plan

The Heath Institute RIVM has officially declared a National Heat Plan, as the hot weather is set to continue. This only happens when temperatures exceed 27 degrees for 4 days consecutively. This means that vulnerable people need additional care during this time, due to issues such as dehydration.

So far it’s been issued as a code yellow for everyone except the Wadden Islands.

Don’t forget the suncream either, UV rays are high as hell out there this week!

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