We have all felt that nip in the air that means winter is coming — especially this past week, which has been unusually cold for this time of year according to experts.

However, this may not be goodbye to the warm weather. New reports indicate that whilst the next few days may be grey and drizzly, there is some hope for a sunny weekend and maybe even a warm following week.

It’s expected that the sun will make an appearance on Thursday, however, this doesn’t yet mean that we can dance around in sundresses (I’d recommend the ever-confusing combination of a decent coat and some sunscreen.) It’s forecast to reach a balmy (???) 17 degrees.

However, for the rest of the week, the weather is expected to improve. “Dry, no strong wind, and getting warmer. On Sunday it will be 19 to 23 degrees, as far as we can see now” Martijn Dorrestein of Buienradar tells RTL Nieuws.

Will summer return next week?

This may even extend into the following week with current readings indicating that it could reach 25 degrees next Tuesday. Fingers, toes, and other extremities crossed.

Whilst the readings are hopeful, Dorrestein has warned that their accuracy is not great. “The further in time, the more uncertain the weather forecast.”

It looks like summer may return to the Netherlands for one last goodbye, let’s not get too emotionally invested though — Dutch weather can be a heartbreaker.


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Feature Image: StockSnap/Pixabay



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