Virgiel, the Catholic Student Association in Delft university has kicked out a member for secretly filming women on the toilet, by hiding a camera in a coffee cup to see within the cubical.

Yes, it really is that creepy. A guy from the association was somehow caught filming them by hiding the camera in a coffee cup, but by that point, three women had used the cubical. This all occurred at the club last week and both TU Delft and Virgiel were informed and Virgiel understandably kicked him out of their association for it. This was all issued in a statement by them. There is talk that he was the board member, but Virgiel has not confirmed that.

A coffee cup was used to hide the camera within the cubical


He was initially confronted by the board, who were just as shocked. He confessed what he had done when this happened and a psychologist has since spoken with the guy, who said that he had ‘tremendous regret’ for what he had done to the three women.

It’s not known yet whether the three women will file a report against him. Regardless, it’s shocking to say the least.

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