THE BUTCHER Social Club: A Versatile Venue for Any Time of Day

On the north side of Amsterdam, overlooking the central station across the water stands THE BUTCHER Social Club. It’s just next to the A’dam Lookout Tower, so of course the DutchReview Crew had to check it out during one of our get-togethers.

(scroll right down if you just want to party hard at NYE here)

24/7 Fun Times

THE BUTCHER name carries quite a bit of weight in Amsterdam, with 5 different venues in the city already. The Social Club is the newest addition, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. It’s run under a 24h concept, with the restaurant being open nearly all times of the day, and it caters itself accordingly.

Coffee, tea, juice, and smoothies for those early-birds and a sizeable collection of beers, wines, and specially-crafted cocktails for those who prefer the later hours of the day. We arrived during the late afternoon, so of course we had our share of the latter.

Delicious drinks on a lovely day.

All about the Burgers

Anyone whose familiar with the other locations of THE BUTCHER know that burgers are the specialty. The Butcher Social Club is no exception. While they also have a modest selection of other dishes, it’s their burgers that shine. My personal selection was the ‘Silence of the Lamb’ (obviously because it by far the best pun on the menu).

The DutchReview Crew, each with their own personal burger. So cute.

I must say I was rather skeptical when I heard we were going to another burger place. After all, it seems there’s no end to new burger joints and, having lived in the US, I’ve set pretty high burger standards. But The Butcher Social Club really surprised me, in a good way. They keep the serving simple (but oh so sweet), without too much razzle and dazzle. Just a bun and a handful of toppings surrounding an exquisite piece of meat.

Burgers, beer, and more burgers. Who could ask for more?
Did I mention they have some pretty decent sides too?
The Drinks Menu! The rest of the menu can be found here.

It’s a Social Club!

I’ve called The Butcher Social Club a restaurant, but that wouldn’t entirely hit the mark. In truth, it really is, as they title may suggest, a social club. The place is set up like a massive living room, with a lounge-like area at the entrance for guests to sit, drink, relax, and chat. The downstairs bar stands as an island at the far end, creating a slight separation with the dining tables in the corner.

Of course, there’s also an entire section dedicated to arcade machines and a pool table, so that’s awesome. One floor up, the room is trimmed with a large indoor balcony which overlooks the entire venue. That’s also where the second bar is and some more seating.

Arcade Machines! It’s like back in the 80s! I think… I don’t know, I wasn’t actually born yet.
So much colour!
The grand entrance! And also a great view of the day’s wonderful weather (and if you’re inside, you don’t have to worry about all that damn wind).


A Versatile Venue

The Butcher Social Club seemed to be transforming slowly around us as we were there. When we walked in, the afternoon crowd was still out in force, enjoying the sun rays that pierced through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Almost an hour after we came in, a screen also rolled down to display a live football match (Tottenham against Chelsea in the FA Cup Semi-final, if that’s what interests you).

By the time we left, you could smell the party waiting to happen at The Butcher Social Club. A live act was setting up on the small stage, and the DJ was amping up the beats slowly as it became busier and busier. We even got to experience a very welcome throwback to Missy Elliott and Sean Paul. It’s as if The Butcher Social Club was handily changing clothes to best suit its current guests.

So whether you prefer to party deep into the night, or just want a chill morning coffee, The Butcher Social Club caters to it all. And they serve a pretty good burger while they’re at it.


A giant social living room.


Events coming up!

First and foremost, yes it’s possible to celebrate New Year’s Eve at The Butcher Social Club! The partymasters from Ibiza (yes you guessed it!) Pacha on tour will build a royal party at the Butcher. Pacha is probably the most well-known and longest running club brand In the worldwide electronic dance music industry. When they’re throwing a party at a venue with sprawling vistas such as The Butcher Social Club on NYE you know you’re in for a treat. Here’s the FB-event, better hurry with those tickets!


Can’t wait until the 31st? We can imagine and you’re lucky too because there’s ‘Stardust’ happening tonight!!!!

For more events, you can always check the Butcher’s own website or their events-page on Facebook!

Address: Overhoeksplein 7, 1031KS Amsterdam

Website | Instagram | Facebook


Noah Bloem
Noah Bloem
Noah grew up in Dhaka, Jakarta, and New York City before finding his way to Rotterdam (and now back to New York again). Despite having recently snagged a bachelor’s degree at Erasmus University College, he is fully committed to postponing adulthood as long as possible.


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