Christmas in Leiden! 3 Things to look forward to during the ‘Winter Wonder Weeks’

Why Christmas in Leiden and the magical ‘Winter Wonder Weeks’ is a winning idea

Winters in the Netherlands can be tough. Temperatures dropping and the cold wind hitting you relentlessly in the face during your morning commute sure is challenging. But, hey! Winter also means Christmas! Markets, trees, lights and having a good time with your family… What sounds better than Christmas is Leiden with Winter Wonder Weeks?

The ‘Winter Wonder Weeks’ is all you need to have a good time during this Christmas in Leiden

As you all know, Leiden has always been one of our favourite towns. With snow hitting the Netherlands recently, we all feel a bit more festive and look forward for Christmas time to come by. That’s why we have decided to find couple of activities for you to enjoy in Leiden.

The Winter Wonder Weeks are a series of events you can enjoy right in the city center by just walking around with your loved ones. We are talking about a floating Christmas market next to an ice rink (which also floats!) with music, hot chocolate and erwtensoep (Dutch green pea soup) make up for some time to remember!

So, what are the things you don’t want to miss when it’s Christmas in Leiden?

1-Ice-skating rink Dec 8th – Jan 7th

There’s nothing like ice-skating to get you all up and excited about the winter. To make it a little bit more festive you can now skate under the Christmas lights that shine on the large ice rink right in the city center of Leiden. Starting from the 8th of December, the wonderful ice rink will be open to everyone and you don’t have to have much experience with ice skating to enjoy the atmosphere!

Fairytale stuff!

Got tired? Then you can just pop next door for a nice stroll through the Christmas Market and grab a hot chocolate to warm yourself up.

Lastly, if you forgot to bring your skates? No problem! Rent a pair at the ice-skating rink. The rink is open between 10.00am – 22.00pm.

2-Christmas Market – December 15-27

Christmas in Leiden is a magical experience

Christmas markets are fun, but they are better if they float! The floating Christmas market will be the hotspot during Christmas in Leiden. You can walk through the many little shops, enjoy a warm drink in between and have some delicious snacks while doing so! The market will be open between 12.00 to 21.00 pm. Just bring yourself and your Christmas spirit!

3-Nostalgic Fair – December 8th – January 7th


You can experience the Christmas spirit of the olden days at the Nostalgic Carnival! This fair is full of beautiful nostalgic attractions for children but don’t let that keep you from joining in on the fun because there’s something for everyone to enjoy! Come and have a happy merry holiday!

Can’t make Your Pick?

With so many great activities to turn this winter season into a magical time for everyone, we understand if it’s hard to pick! You read about all the other activities during this Christmas in Leiden with the Winter Wonder Weeks, with their program booklet.


Prettige Kerstdagen!


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Ceren Spuyman
Ceren Spuyman
Born and raised in Istanbul, Ceren moved when she decided to follow her own Dutchie. Being restless by nature, she is now busy with everything Dutch by majoring in Dutch Studies at Leiden University while living in Delft. Her hobbies are petting as many cats as possible.


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